About Us

Services and Staff

Our experienced staff has 10+ years of experience in all different types of events.  We offered many services for supporting Running Events, Multisport Events, Swimming, Climbing, Soap Box Derby, Cycling and Paddling/Canoeing just to name a few.  There are always new types of events that come across our paths and we have the experience to adapt to these opportunities and make these events successful.  Communication is a very strong aspect of our company and you can expect to be in communication with us throughout your event.  Bald Eagle Events considers an event we are Timing or Managing to be a partnership with the event.  It takes Teamwork to be successful and we believe that's one of the most important aspects.  If we are successful then you are successful and vice versa.

We are located in Middle Tennessee and operate anywhere that our services are needed.  Please feel free to contact us and find out what we can do to help your event be successful.